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3PL Solutions

Denby offers a full suite of

3PL services.

Third-party logistics.

Custom and trusted 3PL solutions 
for streamlined logistics.

Denby provides a complete range of 3PL services to help businesses manage their supply chains effectively. Our services include unpacking goods, moving them securely to storage, keeping track of inventory, managing orders, recording batch codes and expiry dates, packing, shipping, handling freight, and providing detailed reports on sales, inventory, and finances.

We also offer flexible payment terms to suit our clients’ needs. At Denby, we always strive to improve our processes. Our goal is to make logistics easier for our partners by customising solutions and building strong, trustworthy relationships based on reliability and innovation.

Core service

Our storage management.

Denby Distribution ensures safe and organised storage of goods through handling, secure warehousing, and efficient stock movements, guaranteeing the security and accessibility of your inventory.

Pick, pack, and dispatch.

We streamline the process from selecting items (picking) to packaging (packing) and timely dispatch, ensuring accurate and prompt delivery of orders to their intended destinations, maintaining the integrity of your products.

Secondary packaging.

Denby offers additional packaging services to safeguard products during transit or storage, providing an extra layer of protection and ensuring items reach customers in optimal condition.

Inventory management.

Our comprehensive system tracks and manages inventory efficiently, including batch code/expiry date stock recording, ensuring accurate stock levels and timely updates for seamless operations.


We conduct stocktaking processes to assess and validate current inventory levels, enabling precise reporting and informed decision-making regarding stock management and replenishment.

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Streamlining logistics.

Denby offers tailored 3PL solutions designed to simplify logistics for businesses. We use advanced technology and industry expertise to create personalized strategies that fit each client’s specific needs. More than just transactions, we prioritize building strong partnerships that drive efficiency and growth for businesses in various industries. Denby stands as a trusted ally, dedicated to making logistics easier and empowering our partners to succeed in today’s dynamic market.